Currency Impaction(Game)

ETN into INR

ETN into INR

I had some ETN which I sold out in April and ETN raised up in May, could be this is highest price of etn which I have seen. This was really bad for me😔. Later I thought I must have waited for it, but you know things like this just happens.

This is called- Currency game 😁(currency Impaction/implications) where you have to predict the rate of currency and accordingly buy or sell it. When prices are lower you can buy and prices highest then sell it. This how you can make lots of profit.

But it’s long time game and you must have patience and currency knowledge like (ETN into INR, BTC into INR/USD).

I have done some deal with BTC into INR. Not too many because you know BTC super higher as compare to INR.

Now BTC is gone in the SKY.


“Do what you love”

Have A Great Day 🌺



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