Downsides of Watching Movies

Watching Movies :

Is it bad to watch too many movies or the whole day ?

Everyone knows that if we cross the limit of anything, we have to face consequences of that thing or habit or bad habit. It can be anything like in my case I watch movies, Too many movies. In the bragging I did not realize how much time I’m spending on watching movies. Now I’m realizing how much time I’m spendin on watching movies. Yes, it’s not good to watch movies all day. It’s kind of an addiction — The more you watch, the more you want to watch and the deeper you go, the more you want to do R and D.

Effects -

Effects of Movies

What are effects of watching movies -

  1. Memory Loss -
Memory loss in early age

While watching movies all time or even 2–3 three movies in a day can lead to slow memory loss. It’s obvious that our brain can not control multiple things at one time. In movies we see multiple things, stores, characters, editing, pictures and all. There are some movies like A. Endgame has multiples stories and when we try to go in depth of movie our brian get confused because there are many things that our brain is unable to handle and understand at one time and this can lead to memory loss.

It’s better to watch movies in a simple and normal way and stay in your state of mind. Never replace yourself in movies as hero, superhero, villain, heroine or anything in a deep sense.

2. BLOCK Your Brian -

Block your brian from thinking other productive things

This is a very major consequence of watching movies, when we are watching movies our brian goes into that story so we can not think about our real life in a certain time. It’s fication that our brain alway thinks about that movie or story. You might have realized that when people come after watching a movie or after seeing a movie at home, Their brains are still there. They might be thinking like why ‘X’ killed ‘Y’, X should have done this, and this state of mind will stay with them until a certain time. It depends on the person (Who watched the movie) and movie, it means the more you think about that movie, the more time your brain will be in that movie. So it’s kind of disturbing in real life.

Yes, there are two types of people

  • Some people just watch movies for enjoyment and after watching that movie they come back into their real life.
  • And some other people were stuck in a story or part of a movie that they loved too much.

The point is that movies stop your brain from thinking outside of the movie or real life. To avoid that you have to be careful before you watch a movie. Watch movies just for entertainment and after watching movies come into your real life or state of mind.

Unproductive days / Uncompleted work — This happened sometimes with me. If your favorite movie (Movies) comes up then you must be thinking about these movies or googling when they are going to release. This does not happen only in the case of new movies, it also happens when we are thinking about movies or similar movies or finding movies which we like to watch. In this state of, we don’t think or don’t get a chance to think about our real life and We don’t know how our day is gone.

3. Makes Us Lazy -

We Become More Lazy

When watching movies continuously we don’t think about real life, Even if we think it will be for 1 minutes. Because there are some people who watch movies to remove their mental stress or family or any other problem.

“In my case I watch movies when I’m Depressed and also watch movies when I’m Happy.” If you think deeply about my previous sentence Depressed and Happy — In our life there are only moments Depressed (Sad) and Happy, It means we watch movies our whole day and life.

Watching movies our brain works in other ways and thinking, we become lazy because we alway think about movies, that lifestyle but, We never think about what we are doing ? How much time are we wasting or spending ? What will be our future ?

4. Change in Thinking -

Change the process of thinking

Just putting our brain in one direction of thinking which is some kind of fication, after some period of time we don’t realize but our way of thinking will be changed. It will depend on what kind of movies you watch. Your brain will be in illusion of their lifestyle and stories which are shown in the movie.

But you have to tell your mind that it’s not real,Movie director, editor and all their team made it real. There Behind The Scene which you might not have seen.

5. Attention span -

Attetion span — Thinking in multiple ways

Sometimes our brain can’t control multiple scenarios of thinking at one time and this is a major reason for me to have an attention span.

6. Eyes Problem -

Eyes Problem

Watching movies or Putting your eyes 24/7 in front of a screen or light is definitely going to harm your eyes .

7. Health or Body Problem -

Health and Body Problem

While watching movies and seating at one place also causes body problems.

8. Understanding -

Visual Understanding

Will not be able to understand anything without visualization- If we are addicted to movies, as everyone loves visualization, But too much movies can affect your learning, like You will alway need visualization to understand any story or problem, Like you understand in movies.

Webseries vs Movies -

Web Series Vs Movies

I personally don’t watch web series and I do watch movies. The reason is ‘Web Series’ made to take viewers’ attention at the end of the episode. And another reason is I don’t like to wait to see what’s gonna happen next. That’s why I don’t watch too many web series. I do watch movies because I don’t have to wait for a series. I can see or understand the whole story in one movie, but we have to see all their episodes and seasons to understand the whole story. I have watched some inspirational series like ‘Aspirant’ (Story of 3 friends trying to become IAS officers), I also have watched ‘The Family Man’.

Why we watch too many movies -

Reasons — Why we watch movies
  1. We Don’t have work to do -
Don’t have a work

When people like me don’t have work to do then we start thinking about movies and series. Even sometimes we do have work to do but our brain does not give a priority to that work or it ignores the work and starts thinking about movies and other stuff.

2. We Don’t Plan our week, day or month -

We don’t plan our day, week, month

This is a major reason for people to get distracted from their work to watch movies, social media or waste their time. If we don’t have plans for our day, week, month then, trust me we are definitely going to waste our time. You might think that we are not so pro or professional for this kind of stuff. You don’t need to be pro or professional. If you don’t want to make a plan for your day, week, month then it’s fine. Just make sure that you know what you’re gonna do in your day. If you have a plan then it’s way better. In this case some of your work could not be done in the beginning and that’s fine, Just try to make sure you are consistent with your plan or schedule.

3. Don’t have direction -

Don’t have direction

Direction is an important part of brian thinking. If you have proper direction then your brain will work and think in that direction, you will not need to tell your brain what to do.

4. Happiness -


If people are happy and they don’t have work to do or anyone to share their happiness then they try to make their happiness by watching movies and this can lead forever to watch movies. Because we don’t need too much time to adapt bad habits, It’s good habits that take too much time to adapt.

5. In depression -


When some people are in a depression and don’t have anyone close to share their problem (like me) they try to forget that depression or problems or mistakes while watching movies.

6. In free time -

Lots of Free time

(We know how we use most of our free time) Keep yourself busy.

7. Addiction -


It depends on your level of watching movies. If you are addicted to movies then you will become more addictive unless you find a solution for it.

7. Habit -

Reapited — Habit

People also watch movies as a habit and later it becomes an addiction. Lik someone who has their time and schedule for movies :) They watch movies at night or before sleep and they don’t want disturbance while watching movies.

9. Mindset (Brian)


Mindset also plays a big role in this game. If your brian is always in stories of movies thinking about it for 24/7 then definitely you never can stop watching movies.

10. We don’t listen to our heart -

Brain Vs Heart

While making desical we never listen to our heart. You might have noticed that before you are going to do some good or bad you get to alarms. One is good and second is bad and our brain always ignores our heart because it’s telling the truth.

What are effect of watching movies -

P.S — This information is based on my real experience because I’m very addicted to movie and here I’m sharing some Downsides of Watching Movies.

You might not agree with some points and that’s totally fine (:

Happy Reading 📖

Hi there 👋, I'm Dattatray I always like share my thoughts and research with world. I'm Economics student at University of Mumbai (Birla College) Every week ✍️.

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Dattatray Dagale

Dattatray Dagale

Hi there 👋, I'm Dattatray I always like share my thoughts and research with world. I'm Economics student at University of Mumbai (Birla College) Every week ✍️.

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