How Do I Get More Work Done by Myself + Savings ?

Reward Yourself -

I don’t know if this will work for you or not, But try to reward yourself at the end of the day — If your day was very productive or you did more work than you planned, and If you did not do anything in your day then don’t reward yourself.

What Could Be ‘Reward’ ? -

Reward could be anything. In my case if I did a great job in a day or more than I planned for a day then before I sleep I reward myself with the movie which I love to watch.

In your case the reward could be anything that you love to do. Like Reading something new, Eating, Playing games, Making new stuff, Pizza, New book etc.

Reward Yourself with Money and Make Sustainable Investment (Saving) -

I love this kind of reward where you can do your all stuff as well you reward yourself with money which is a kind of long term saving. But you only reward yourself when you do an overwork in your day, Otherwise not.

Let’s say you reward yourself with 100 rupees (1.37 $ ) every day when your day is very productive.

Here you get two plus points -

  1. You reward yourself when you do work more than planned or expected.
  2. You are going to save 100 rupees your single day from your income. (which is definitely great and this saving will be helpful you in the future)

Well, I think 100 rupees is not a big deal to save or reward yourself by doing extra work which you love to do.

How will you save 100 rupees and where ?

If you have two bank accounts then that’s good. One of them must be a savings account where you can get an interest rate while saving. So what you have to do is when rewarding yourself transfer those 100 rupees from your primary account to a savings account and you will not bother or look for this money because it’s your reward in a saving way.

If you don’t have a bank account that’s fine — Just create an online wallet like Paytm, PhonePe, or any other wallet which you know and you trust, And transfer those 100 rupees in that wallet.

(Short idea — I have this crazy idea about rewarding and saving in Crypto but We will talk about it later)

What if I apply this method in my life -

Let’s do some calculation stuff in this question -

There are 365 days in a year (I know you know :). I know you are not going to work everyday productive unless you love the work and it’s process. So let’s consider you work more productively or efficiently for 300 days and you reward yourself with 100 rupees every single day for 300 days. And another 65 days — let say you could not do your work or take vacation or something else but, You could not reward yourself in these (65) days.

100R x 300D = 30,000 Rupees

R= Rupees

D= Days

65 day off

So if you reward (100 RS) yourself by doing stuff that you love to do or want do then as you see you can make 30,000 saving per year from your income or money that you have (in case you are not earning)

100 rupees is not a big amount but, As Economics student I can understand that 100 rupees is a big or small amount to reward yourself.

It depends on the person’s / your income ( or money that you have or getting from your parents — In case you are a student and not earning). Here you can customize your reward amount from Rs. 100 to more or less like. If your capacity is less than Rs. 100 then it can customize amounts 100 to 50 or 20 or even 10 rupees. It totally depends on you. And if your capacity is more than Rs. 100 then you customize the amount from 100 to 150 or 200 or 500.

If you are like me, a very procrastinate person then you should tell yourself that when you complete your work that you have planned for a day, If you succeed or complete the work you reward yourself. This is the same thing which we talked about before but the only difference is in the first case you reward yourself at the end of the day by doing stuff that you love to do without any reasons / excuses / destruction.

In the second case you are kind of a lazy person and you always give reasons when it comes to doing something, So in this case before the work you tell yourself that “ok I’m getting reward by myself after completing this work” so let’s get work done :)

So, Hope you will do more work than you planned for a day, a week and get rewarded by yourself by watching movies, reading books etc. Rewarding money is not necessary, Again — you can reward yourself in your way. I’m just sharing my idea of rewarding money + sustainable saving.

Quote of The Week / Lesson -

Motivation is not enough to get started, Find your purpose and hunt it.

Tweet of The Week -


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Thanks For Your Time and Have A Great Week :)




Hi there 👋, I'm Dattatray I always like share my thoughts and research with world. I'm Economics student at University of Mumbai (Birla College) Every week ✍️.

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Dattatray Dagale

Dattatray Dagale

Hi there 👋, I'm Dattatray I always like share my thoughts and research with world. I'm Economics student at University of Mumbai (Birla College) Every week ✍️.

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