What Domain Should I Choose For My Career ?

What is Myth (People’s thinking ) -

Let’s understand what we think about these domains — When it comes to choosing a domain and money, people always think that Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer etc., These domains people earn more money. But this is not the case, Yes these people earn money (At their level), but there are also some people in these domains who are not getting any jobs, some people have average salary, some people have less salary and some are getting high paid.

Deep in Domain -

Every domain is the same and it has its own value, So you can choose any domain that you like or love to work in. As we said it’s not about domain it’s about you — How you represent yourself or your work or your brand in your domain. 20% of people in every single domain earn a high level of money and 80% people are earning average levels of money and fighting with competition. So the point is you must be in these 20% people and for that you have to work too hard using your skill and all.

In 20 and 80% if we total all earning from 80% people it will be less than 20% earners.

  • Total of 80% peoples earning < (Less) than Total of 20% peoples earning.

How to Find Domain or Work in Particular Domain -

  1. If you know your domain or interest in an area but you are troubling finding work in that particular domain then, First you must find the market / people’s pain and after that solution for that pain / problem.
  2. And if there is already a solution in the market for the problem which you want to work on then simply go for it. Use your ways (creative ideas) to make that solution more efficient for people. In this case your work is not finding a market problem and finding a solution for that problem, Your work is to make an exciting solution more efficient.

Does Domains Really Matters -

Well, It depends on you — otherwise domains never matter. It all matters whether you are enjoying the process or not, if you are working just for work or money and not enjoying the process then you better find your interested domain or area.

Quote of The Week / Lesson -

I think I’m so addicted to my mobile — Because I have my phone w/me 24/7 and I always checking notification, wasting time on social media, watching movies, YouTube and all other stuff. I really need to control myself w/my phone.

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Hi there 👋, I'm Dattatray I always like share my thoughts and research with world. I'm Economics student at University of Mumbai (Birla College) Every week ✍️.

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Dattatray Dagale

Dattatray Dagale

Hi there 👋, I'm Dattatray I always like share my thoughts and research with world. I'm Economics student at University of Mumbai (Birla College) Every week ✍️.

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