Which University should I choose: JNU or DU (Especially DSE for M.A. Economics) ? or should I study in a local university or college ?

Deciding Where To Do My Masters in Economics

Note : This is my personal question which I’m experiencing in 2021. I’m really confused about making my decision so I thought why not write an article instead of thinking too much. Here I’m writing a blog / article on the basis of my research and some other opinions.

Major condition or problem :

Financial Weakness -

Finanial Weakness

Hi, I’m Dattatray. I have completed my graduation from Mumbai university in Economics. It’s been a dream for me to study in DSE since my third year of college. (I did not know about JNU but, later I came to know that JNU is also a good / better place for study)

In 2021 I have applied for both Universities for M.A Economics. But while making the decision which one should I choose or study in a local college where I can afford everything as compared to Delhi.

I have taken some major factors that I think really matter for me. On the basis on these factor I’m going to make my move (I think so)

  1. Expenditure — College fees, Hostel fees, Other Expenses, Traveling etc.
  2. Quality of Education (At university or college)
  3. Placements (At university or college)
  4. Practical approach of education (At university or college)
  5. Diversity and Freedom
  6. Academics and syllabus ( I have checked both from universities web.)
  7. Local College or University

These are some major factors that I’m considering in my decision making. ( Now I’m feeling like I’m building a model or system which will help as well as others like me)

Let’s consider first point -

Income -


To be honest my family income is very low and I don’t think that living in Delhi is affordable for me. (But I also think JNU will be affordable for me. Because all students get the hostels those who need at JNU)

In DU it’s not so sure that you will get a hostel. If you get one then it’s well and If not then you (me) will have to live on your own in Delhi like living in PG or with relatives ( If anyone in Delhi). It’s very hard to live on our own in a city like Delhi and students like me definitely can not afford it. Even if we get a hostel at DU we have to pay fees around 60,000 yearly. Yes, it’s more as compared to JNU’s fees ( But yes we might also get more facilities if we are paying more fees).

Conclusion of Income — I think I can afford JNU if I get a hostel.

Note — I’m not comparing both universities with each other. I’m just finding the best result on the basis of my personal condition (factors).

Expenditure -


I don’t have any relatives in Delhi, so of course I have to plan everything about my budget. How much (Minimum) money will I need to survive in Delhi ? Like college fees, Hostel fees, Educational stuff fees, etc.

By looking at both universities in terms of fees and expenditure, If I get JNU I will have less expenditure as compared to DU. Accommodation fees at DU are starting from 60,000 to 1,00,000 yearly (It depends on hostel, But this is average number). And if I see JNU’s hostel fees, it’s very low.

Quality of Education (At university or college)

Q. of Education

I want to do M.A in Economics, and when I think about M.A Economics DSE comes first in mind to study. Because it has a more mathematical approach to economics and I want to learn all these things. ( From 10th I had no mathematical background until 3rd year of graduation. So in the beginning it’s very hard to understand all these mathematical concepts, But later I get more interested in all these concepts and I am also aware that studying in DSE is not as easy as I think. For better results I will have to study hard.)

JNU is also a better place for Economics. I have seen the syllabus for M.A Economics. It’s quite interesting.

Conclusion of Quality of Education (At university or college) — Here I give more preference to DSE (DU) rather than JNU.

Placements (At university or college) -


To be honest I’m kind of indifferent (~) in both universities. But according to other sources (Blog, YT, News etc)

DSE has more placement opportunities for students as compared to JNU, JNU also has placement opportunities where various companies visit JNU for placements.

Diversity and Freedom -

Diversity and Freedom

I’m cutting here some extra talk and coming to the point -

JNU has more Diversity and Freedom Because it’s a close campus and students have freedom to do everything. Whereas in DU most of the hostels have some conditions like you can not go out after a certain time or you can not stay out etc.

Local college or University -

Local College or University

I have added this point because I have the same question on Quora and I got an interesting answer.

Here is the answer that have gotten from Quora -

Of course some (most of) people think that Delhi has better education as compared to Mumbai university and that could be true.

Since I’m studying in / under Mumbai University, It will be more familiar for me as well as affordable. Delhi is quite expensive to survive.

What If I ask you — What are you gonna do after your Master’s ?

Most probably your answer will be JOB : Any job private, government etc (Depends on you) or some students might say they are going to Phd or further study, Business, Startup etc. But as I said most students will be looking for Jobs, Even those who want to start a business or startup will need a small amount of money and if they don’t have that money they will have to find jobs to achieve their dreams.

So the point is people will get more jobs in Mumbai and if you have better skill, knowledge you will get a better position.

With all this I will leave your decision on you because I have made mine … And I’m sure you will make yours wisely.

Note : You might disagree with some points or lines and that’s totally fine. Just leave that point or line and make your decision on your own.

Hi there 👋, I'm Dattatray I always like share my thoughts and research with world. I'm Economics student at University of Mumbai (Birla College) Every week ✍️.

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Dattatray Dagale

Dattatray Dagale

Hi there 👋, I'm Dattatray I always like share my thoughts and research with world. I'm Economics student at University of Mumbai (Birla College) Every week ✍️.

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